Funny Animations

As Stolen By Matt


These are some of the funniest animations I have pulled off of the internet from various sites. I claim absolutely no responsibility for any of these animations, nor do I claim any copyrights. Every animation has the site that I took them from prominently displayed both on this page and on the viewing page. If you cannot view any of these, it's probably because you don't have the latest version of Shockwave Flash installed. You can download this from Adobe's web site at this address.

From EBaumsWorld

Nine Coronas
Angry About SPAM
The Real Burger King
Ghetto Delta Airlines
The End (Of The World)!


Angry White Boy Polka

From FunnyJunk

StarWarz: The Parody
Ah-nold's Pizza Shop

From UltimateShowdown

Ultimate Showdown

From EBaumsWorld

Say It...
The Smurfs: The Lost Episode
The Space People!
A Man And His Sound Recorder!

From StickDeath


From MiniClip