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As Authored by Matt

Contacting Us:

mattfast1 - the fast one may be contacted in the following ways. Thank you for taking the time to contact us, because without you, we would... wither away and die from not getting any response to this website that takes so very much of our time.

AIM - AOL Instant Messenger

We can be contacted on AOL's AIM service by sending an IM to screen name mattfast1. You may download a copy of AOL Instant Messenger from AIM's website.


We may be contacted on AOL's ICQ service by sending a message to ICQ number 163076886. You may download a copy of ICQ, as well as send anonymous messages, from ICQ's website.

MIM - Microsoft Instant Messenger

We currently cannot be contacted on Microsoft's Instant Messenger. Sorry for any inconvenience.

YIM - Yahoo Instant Messenger

We are available for your contact on Yahoo's Instant Messenger service by sending a message to screen name BossmanOfTheBOS. You may download a copy of YIM from Yahoo's website.

E-Mail - Electronic Mail

We are available for contact on e-mail at webmaster(at)@mattfast1(dot)com. You may get a free e-mail account from Google.