Rammstein Lyrics

As Translated by Matt and teh tubez

All facts on this site were written by Jack Bauer. All spelling mistakes here are to confuse terrorists of his existance.

Rammstein Lyrics - Rein Raus

Ich bin der Reiter I am the rider
du bist das Ross You are the horse
ich steige auf I climb on
wir reiten los We ride off
du stöhnst ich sag dir vor You moan I whisper to you
ein Elefant im Nadelöhr An elephant in the eye of a needle
Rein Raus In, out
Ich bin der Reiter I am the rider
du bist das Ross You are the horse
ich hab den Schlüssel I have the key
du hast das Schloß You have the lock
die Tür geht auf ich trete ein The door opens I enter
das Leben kann so prachtvoll sein Life can be so splendours
Rein Raus In, out
Tiefer tiefer Deeper, deeper
sag es sag es laut Say it! Say it loud!
tiefer tiefer Deeper, deeper
ich fühl mich wohl in deiner Haut I am well within your skin
und tausend Elefanten brechen aus And a thousand elephants break out
Der Ritt war kurz The ride was short
es tut mir leid I am sorry
ich steige ab hab keine Zeit I climb off I have no time
muss jetzt zu den anderen Pferden I must go now to the other horses
wollen auch geritten werden They also want to be ridden
Rein Raus In, out
Rein (tiefer) In (deeper)
Raus (tiefer)Out (deeper)


Yes, this is supposed to have many sexual connotations. I have not personally heard this song, so please, be smart and don't listen to it for the first time with the kids listening.

"ß" is a character being phased out of the German language. It will be replaced soon with "ss", which has nothing to do with the Nazi SS from Hitler's days in power.

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