Poetry and Prose

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Poetry, Prose, and other assorted assonance

This section is for stuff that I've written. If you are completely lost... don't worry. Most people do not have the brains or the willpower to understand my works of writing.

  • Form Poetry... Take 1
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    Form Poetry... Take 1

    OK, so this form of poetry is a little strange. The way it works is, you pick six random words out of thin air, and then you construct a poem from them. However, each line has to end with one of the words you picked, and it has 7 stanzas. The first 6 stanzas are each 6 lines long, and then the last stanza is 3 lines long. The lines have to end with the following words:

    1st stanza 2nd stanza 3rd stanza 4th stanza 5th stanza 6th stanza 7th stanza
    1 6 3 5 4 2 5
    2 1 6 3 5 4 4
    3 5 4 2 1 6 1
    4 2 1 6 3 5  
    5 4 2 1 6 3  
    6 3 5 4 2 1  

    In addition to this guide, the last stanza must contain words 6, 2, and 3. Yar.

    yeah so anyway, this is my first attempt at this type of poetry, using the following words:

    That foolish pest,
    the fly.
    I believe it cannot think.
    It spends its life pursuing poop.
    The fly hears the soft, enticing, beautiful music
    Emitted by the bug zapper, and I laugh.

    My laugh
    is seen as a pest.
    My bug zapper's soft music
    that entices the fly
    is a piece of poop,
    I think.

    I do think
    this so, while I laugh,
    Because this piece of poop
    does not kill the pest,
    The annoying, foolish fly
    continues to compose it's music.

    The music,
    I think,
    as my mind does fly
    and the fly does laugh,
    is a pest.
    It is poop.

    This poop,
    that the fly calls music,
    is a pest.
    Or so my mind thinks.
    I am manic; I laugh
    along with the fly.

    This fly
    persistently pursuing the poop
    likes to laugh
    at the music
    that I think
    is a pest.

    This music
    that I think is poop
    ceases as I laugh while the fly ceases to be a pest.

    Neatness, eh? This was an exercise in my Creative Writing group, and this poem was widely appreciated by all. When I was sharing, I was kind of making stuff up on the fly, since I wasn't quite done with it when I was sharing. However, since what I came up with was good, I decided to write the rest down in hopes that I would eventually share it with the world, and here it is.

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